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Tech Talk
with Mike Telleria

This month’s topic: Stabilization

Question: Has Nordhavn ever installed a gyro stabilizer? Is Nordhavn considering doing so? What would be the advantage/disadvantage?

Hello - thank you for your question. Yes, we actually just delivered a boat less than a year ago with gyros. Probably the biggest advantage is there are no fins sticking out of the boat (reducing drag and the possibility of striking something with a fin or catching lines or debris on a fin), and they provide really good stabilization at anchor or at rest more readily than fins do. On the downside, they take up much more interior space, and they require a generator to be in operation whenever in use (many Nordhavn owners don't like to run a generator all the time while underway).

There are other pros and cons, but I think those are the main ones. Hope this helps answer your question.

Mike Telleria is P.A.E.’s technical writer, responsible for creating the thoroughly detailed, superbly informative and highly coveted Owner’s Manual that accompanies each new boat. Mike holds a degree in marine systems engineering from the U.S. Merchant Marines Academy as well as an unlimited U.S.Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineer's license. Prior to joining Nordhavn, Mike served as editor of popular boating magazines such as Lakeland Boating, Go Boating, and Sea magazine.

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