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1991-2014 N62 MOLDS 


The Nordhavn 62 molds have been destroyed and there will never be another new N62 produced by PAE. Because boat models and production lines do eventually come to an end, the N62 is not the first Nordhavn model to be retired (we have already retired the N35, N46, N50 and N57), but it may well be the most dramatic and the one Nordhavn model retirement which tugs most at the heart strings of Nordhavn aficionados around the world.

To the tens of thousands of people who follow "all things Nordhavn," the Nordhavn 62 is iconic and is the "face" of Nordhavn.  Amazingly, Jeff Leishman was only 30 years old when he designed the N62. It was only his second design (the N46 being the first). As with great art work, it took time to appreciate the genius of the design and the incredible talent that young Jeff was going to bestow on his future Nordhavn designs.
It might be forgotten by many but the N62 was NOT an instant success...far from it.  It was introduced during the ill-conceived American luxury tax period which devastated boat building in the USA and it was considered "too radical" for many people. In fact, the N57 was designed with essentially the same specifications as the N62 but as a more conventional looking boat to appeal to those who felt that the N62 was too "commercial" and too "extreme" to be parked in front of their yacht club.
As anyone who follows this website knows, the N62 went on to grand success.. both commercially for PAE but more importantly as a beloved design and an incredible and durable workhorse. The N62 (together with the N46) changed the course of history in the world of long distance passage...making people aware that one could travel long distances and cross oceans in a small power boat.
In all, 37 Nordhavn 62s were produced with the last hull being delivered in August of 2010. Two have been lost (one to a grounding in Mexico and one to fire in Thailand), meaning that 35 Nordhavn 62s are still in service and plying the oceans of the world. They have made circumnavigations, crossed many oceans and have brought pleasure to thousands of people. Not all N62s are registered in our Pennant Program, but extrapolating the data that we have, the cumulative mileage total of Nordhavn 62s exceeds 1,000,000 miles.


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