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January 29, 2016

Busy week for Atlantic-crossing Nordhavns

Two more Nordhavns are amidst an Atlantic crossing bound for Barbados. Nordhavn 46 Starlet and Nordhavn 47 Southern Star are due to complete their two-week, 2,100-nm journey tomorrow. They are just ahead of N52 Dirona which also is set to arrive in Barbados this weekend, culminating their 3,600+nm journey. Starlet and Southern Star set out from the Canary Islands by way of Cape Verde, and have encountered some bumpy seas along the way, but according to their track, are right on schedule.

It’s another notch in Nordhavn’s proven record of seaworthy, safe boats. “Our Nordhavns are renown and revered for the great feats that they can accomplish and the wonderful adventures that they can enable,” said Nordhavn’s president Dan Streech. “But they don’t drive themselves. People do. Ordinary people with extraordinary dreams and a sense of adventure can change their lives, make memories and have grand adventures.”

Follow along either of these grand journeys: http://www.southernstarnz.com/2016/01/28/Day-13 or mvdirona.com.


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