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July 10, 2015

Delivery of N56 Ata Marie results in
perfect day of cruising

Nordhavn salesman Eric Leishman couldn’t have picked a better day to deliver his client’s motorsailer Ata Marie from Fort Lauderdale to her new residence in North Palm Beach. A 15-18 knot breeze out of the NEE and calm seas proved a perfect combination for the 7 ½-hour sail out of Bahia Mar late last month. Leishman, along with former N60 owner Adam Paskowitz plus Nordhavn’s digital arts chief, Doug Harlow, experienced the sort of ride that showed just how versatile, practical and enjoyable the Motorsailer is.

Lest there be any question about how the N56 Motorsailer performs as a sailboat, Leishman said the crew on board Ata Marie averaged about 50-60% of true wind speed and a generous push from the Gulf Stream. “I’m always amazed at the power and ease of how effortlessly she is pushed along,” marveled Leishman.

He has sold a number of Nordhavn Motorsailers and has logged a considerable number of miles on board them, including a trip aboard hull #9 on a delivery cruise from Nordhavn’s Northeast office in Portsmouth, RI to Annapolis for the U.S. Boat Shows last October. The model has displayed in both power and sailboat sections of shows because she truly represents both facets of cruising. “We were under sail about 80 percent of the time,” said Leishman, turning the motor on only when they were coming into the inlet and heading through the ICW.

During their pleasant day trip, Harlow shot video illustrating just how great the ride really was.

Sailing conditions were ideal for Ata Marie’s crew that day, but during times when it’s flat calm, it’s simple and completely acceptable to run along completely under power. “Being inside is really enjoyable, with a 360 degree view from the pilothouse, a comfy seat under you within a temperature-controlled saloon that’s unbelievably quiet, (minus the tunes in the background!),” says Leishman.

At one point, the crew joked with Paskowitz, who took his N60 across the Pacific Ocean last year. “I’m pretty sure Adam was thinking how nice this boat would have been on his 10,000-nm adventure!” said Leishman.

Indeed, she would have and, in fact, can; she sits right now ready and willing. Ata Marie is currently available for purchase since her owner wanted a bigger boat and decided to build a new Nordhavn 76. “This boat is ready to cruise,” notes Leishman. “Just add fuel and personal gear. She’s got great electronics, a recently-serviced water maker, and a nice dinghy. Everything is in great condition.”

Interested in taking your own adventure on board Ata Marie? Contact us to receive more information and details on how to arrange for an inspection.