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May 4, 2018

A snapshot into the potential annual costs of boat ownership

Recently there was some chatter about an annual budget breakdown for an N60. The chatter turned into fully developed conversations and so much interest has been generated we decided to submit  a fine tuned assessment of typical ownership costs.

In the assessment, we  present very real life situations – ones that we’ve seen over and over before – and broke down the budget with figures that would apply to two different owners, one who owned a newer Nordhavn 60 and one who owned a brokerage Nordhavn 55. The budget takes into consideration that the owners of both boats maintain a similar boating lifestyle: both hypothetically home port in British Columbia and cruise annually to South East Alaska and back.

Most of the costs are mandatory but some can be mitigated by owner participation – primarily oil changes and cleaning/waxing.

While there is no magic formula for every single boat owner, these sample budgets illustrate the average spending you could expect to find in these typical ownership situations. And hopefully it gives potential owners an idea that the “Yachting Dream” might be more achievable than they think.

N60 Annual Budget Estimate spreadsheet