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The standard design for the Nordhavn 96 features a master suite in the bow, but Lacey Kay’s 
owners chose to take advantage of the extensive scope for customisation and added a second 
master aft of the pilothouse – a position that o ers both a better view and a private veranda

are much more durable than veneer panels. The dining and saloon tables 
feature cross-grain patterns, a design element subtly repeated throughout 
the interior, including on the Majilite Novasuede headlining.

Cantalupi LED lighting was recessed deeply into the ceilings, evening 
out and softening the e ect. Custom sconces throughout add warmth and 

architectural detail, and of special note are the two round ADG Custom 
Lighting pendant fixtures over the dining room table: the round metal 

structure and cream shade repeat both the stainless steel accents and the 
colour scheme of their surroundings.

The galley is completed in granite and marble and features brands 
including Sub-Zero, Bosch and GE Pro le. A motorised partition rises from 

the worktop to close o  the galley from the dining room for formal a airs. 
A recessed rectangle in the partition’s aft (saloon-facing) side awaits the 

installation of artwork. A separate co ee and tea station is to starboard near 
the stairs to the pilothouse. Here, guests can help themselves to drinks 
without disturbing the work going on in the galley and the presence of this 

station adds to the casual atmosphere the owners sought to create.
On test day, the sun welcomes us to San Diego Bay’s  at waters, where 

Captain Arnold manoeuvres Lacey Kay away from the dock using the from the  breglass keels. This reduces cavitation – the formation of bubbles 
portside wing station. Tanked up and provisioned for her departure the next – helping fuel economy and reducing noise. We hear virtually nothing in 

day for points north (ultimately Alaska), the yacht glides along the bay like the pilothouse and even the saloon on the main deck is hushed and 
a vintage Cadillac; solid, self-assured and unapologetic. There’s nothing pleasantly vibration-free.

hesitant or bashful about her. To a shore-side observer, it must be clear that Owing to a recon guration in the hull to squeeze in the additional fuel 
this yacht, with her bulbous bow parting the water, is meant for business – tanks, Lacey Kay has four 0.8 square metre stabilisers rather than the twin 

of the long distance, weather-be-damned variety.1.8 square metres that are standard. “Coming up from Baja, we had 12ft seas 
The twin Caterpillar C-18 ACERT 600hp engines push the yacht to a top and 30 knots of wind and we had no problems,” says the captain. “She’s a 
speed of 11.4 knots at 1,807rpm at wide-open throttle. Her sweet spot is proper explorer vessel so we can go anywhere without too much worry 

more in the nine to 10 knot range and, when dialled down to eight knots about a weather window.”
and 25 per cent engine load, she burns eight gallons per hour. Ignoring While Lacey Kay is only three metres longer than her progenitor, with 

things like headwinds and seas and a possible counter current, theoretically her capacious interior, impressive range and styling, the length extension 
Lacey Kay could cover 8,500 nautical miles, even with the added is where the comparison ends. She’s a completely new beast. And with an 

consumption of her generators, and never need to visit a fuel dock.itinerary that runs from Mexico, Alaska and Bermuda to New England, this 
superyacht is amply equipped to take on the world. The 50 inch propellers are  xed to Y struts positioned aft, well away 
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