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Rain and choppy swell during strong winds.

air valves on our large Nautica RHIB which Raritan head to see why it won’t discharge 
have been marginal for a while. A special through its seacock, priming and painting 

tool and some practice is needed to do this our stabiliser paravanes or “birds” as we call 
and Nikos says the old valves were close to the underwater metal plates and re-sealing 
failure. Nikos also takes away our smaller two Plexiglas deck hatches into their frames. 

Valiant RHIB to repair a slow air leak and a We also ask them to thoroughly check
transom sea water leak during winter.our Lugger main engine, Yanmar wing 
We meet with Andreas from our main engine and Northern Lights generator 
contractor Sailand to review several jobs to concentrating on coolant replacement, 

be done during winter.check of cooling hoses, cleaning of air  lters 
These include repairing the already- and servicing of sea water pumps.
mentioned dual trumpet air horn, replacing 

our aged and leaking domestic fresh water Follow Envoy’s 2017 adventures including a 
supply  lter manifold, checking our Water disastrous start to the season resulting from 
Fixer u/v water purifying lamp to see if it’s  re damage in PMB’s next issue.

Technicians doing repair work in working, checking the brushes and bearings Meanwhile readers can access more detailed 
of our Lugger’s alternator and Maxwell and current information from Envoy’s blog: 
Envoy’s cockpit.windlass’s electric motor, checking our

Envoy snug for the winter under her full cover.


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