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Envoy underway with starboard 
stabiliser pole deployed.


2016 Med 


Text and photos by 

Laurie and Diane Cran eld

We’re reaching the end of our seventh Med summer 

cruising season - a collection of magical cruising 

experiences and adventures taking us 15,000 miles 

through Italy, Sicily, Greece, over sixty Greek islands, 

Turkey, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.

THE US NAVY IS WATCHING USof cer of the US Navy’s 6th Fleet Destroyer Creek is perfect so we head there to anchor done.heavier duty version and all is well.
Our friends Simon and Bronwyn leave usSquadron saying that he’s very happy to in 14 metres (a bit deeper than we prefer) It’s early October and the summer has come Our washing machine’s water discharge Our water maker has a small water leak

at Corfu after two great weeks cruising see “one of my ships, USS Ross, appear in and lay out 60 metres of chain in preparation to a sudden end as we have several days pump has not been working for several from the high pressure hose going into the 
together and my brother Charles joins us for Envoy’s Blog”. I’m not allowed to name the for the blow. The bottom is mud and Envoy below 20dC with more heavy showers and weeks and we’ve been using it by siphoning membrane. Angelos says this is common 
his  rst visit to Envoy. It was Charles and his of cer but he and I have since had several has a heavy 40kg Delta anchor with 11mm thunderstorms; weather which Charles is the water out. Two Miel technicians  ndfault so makes up a new hose. He’s reluctant 

wife Marie who  rst introduced us to Med exchanges of emails and it turns out he has chain and we rarely drag with this much perfectly used to in Scotland.the pump’s AC wire has broken away from to test the water maker in the marina’s murky 
cruising when we spent some time aboard an interest in Nordhavns and follows our chain out. Soon the front arrives and we There’s many great overnight anchoring the very  ne output wire coming from the waters so we test it ourselves a few days 
their 34ft sailing yacht, Acrobat, in Turkey Blog. We’re even talking about possibly have plenty of thunder and spectacular bays around Corfu and we show Charles motor. They remove the pump and motor later  nding a slight leak in a different place. 

where they’d sailed to from Australia and we meeting up in Italy where he’s based.lightning plus a choppy sea whipped up by some of these before he leaves us at Gouvia from the machine to Envoy’s cockpit where By now we are three hours cruising time 
decided to buy our own Med-based boat. While the Med’s summer weather is over 40 knot gusts, but we’re perfectly safe. Marina.there’s plenty of working space to solder from the marina so decide to leave this leak 
Look what they started!consistently  ne with little rain, AutumnWhen the rain eases we see  ve young and secure the wires together.for him to look at when we pass through 
Checking my emails one morning I see a can bring strong winds, rain and thunder people leave their charter yacht anchored ENVOY MAINTENANCE INOne of our two independent air conditioners Corfu next year. Then he can also check out 

very of cial-looking one mentioning the storms. We spend two perfectly tranquil nearby and head towards us in their RHIB. GOUVIA MARINAhas a fault whereby its 120 volt seawater the whole water maker system for us at the 
US Navy and my  rst thought is that I’m in nights anchored at spectacular Mourtos At  rst we guess they must be needing With some maintenance required we stay cooling pump is not receiving AC power start of the season.
trouble for including a photo in our Blog of until the weather forecast predicts southerly some kind of help but when they come a few days here to take advantage offrom the air conditioner’s control unit. A Whale 12 volt pump that empties our 

a US destroyer moored in Crete’s Soudha winds over 30 knots with heavy rain, quickly alongside they produce a few cans of beer the marina’s excellent infrastructure and Engineers in Crete were unable to resolve below-waterline main head’s sink has failed. 
Bay NATO base. But on reading the email turning to northerly winds over 30 knots. and tell us they’ve come over for a drink. the technicians who’ve worked on Envoy this but our friend Angelos  nds that a On removal it’s beyond economical repair 
I’m delighted to  nd it’s from a seniorThis is the kind of wind forecast it’s hard to Well we’re into that and spend an enjoyable previously and know her systems. This is TRIAC (a three terminal semiconductor and replaced with an identical new one.

 nd shelter from, but nearby Igoumenitsacouple of hours with our new Belgiangenerally a big advantage when gettingdevice) has failed. He replaces it with aThe forward head’s holding tank level

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