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Barents Kara SeaLaptev Sea

Bob Giles Owner of 11.11 

Yacht: VivieRae Length: 98ft Length: 206ft 
Year: 2017Location: FijiYear: 2015 
Location: St Lucia

I was 11. I’m 63 now, so I’ve spent more than 40 years How much time did you spend on board How’s Fiji? Wonderful. I love to dive and it’s How’s your 2018 looking? We’re planning 
as a car dealer, so I made the decision that I was going in 2017? Not as much as I’d hoped but got a lot of beautiful reefs and at the same to spend the Easter holidays in Miami and 
to take as much time as I neededtime there are lots of amazing resorts, 
Can you pick a highlight from the trip? I have two. we spent some time in the Balearic which my wife and our guests love. We’ve the Bahamas, especially the Exumas, 
The  rst was in Indonesia. We were anchored o  this Islands and also in the South of France. done several incredible shark dives and before she heads back to the Med for the 
Charter itineraries completed last year summer season. We love the Exumas; the 
island and some young boys came out in a couple of included the Amal  Coast, Aeolian dived some passes coming into a little beaches are some of the best in the world 
dugout canoes. It turns out they were coming back Islands, Sardinia, Sicily and the Bahamas island called Gau. Sharks, huge tuna and How’s she chartering? For her  rst year 
from school. We spent the afternoon with them, What was the best moment? When we bonito stack up right outside the reef in the charter circuit, the boat has been 
jumping o  the boat, and they invited us to a wedding left Port Adriano and sailed up the westpasses and they’re amazing to divevery successful. Several clients already 
in their village, which turned out to be eight or nine when you have an incoming tide 
weddings. So there’s this tiny village, with no running coast of Mallorca, which is What’s your diving set-up like? We have awant to rebook and they’ve said the crew 
usually a no-go zone due to the is one of the best they have ever had 
water. There were about 200 families there and each wild weather conditions. Very compressor and I dive with a rebreather. We also You’ve bought a Wajer chase boat.
wedding party wanted us to join them. They were unusually, the conditions were have a hyperbaric chamber so we carry plenty of How is it? It’s being bespoke designed 
cooking pigs and goats and handing out this alcohol eerily perfect and there was even oxygen. We designed a little dive locker for the and should be delivered in time for this 
that was like moonshine. The other highlight was in a full moon. We were able to drop transom, which has a storage area for seven setsyear’s summer season
Vanuatu. We anchored in the collapsed crater of an of scuba gear so you can  ll your tank right there 
ancient volcano, and as we did 15 or 20 canoes came anchor o  the coastal restaurant What route are you taking? We started in China and Have you picked up any other cool toys? 
out with people from the local village. They brought us Ca’s Patro March and took then went to Hong Kong, through Indonesia and onWe have added some baby Seabobs and 
guests ashore via tendernew in atables, including a slide
fruits and vegetables and we found out they hadn’t to Australia. Then we moved east, stopping at New 
seen another boat in over a year. We showed the chief Caledonia and Vanuatu, which was amazing. From Fiji, 
round the boat and he invited us the next day to comewe’ll go to French Polynesia, and then the Marquesas 
Black Seainto the village and see the school. It was incredibleand Dana Point in CaliforniaSea
That’s a lot of time on board! I’m in the automobile How are you toasting these memories on board?NORTH 
business, like my dad. I started working for him whenWith Ron Zacapa rum, mixed with Diet Coke and limeNORTH PACIFIC OCEANof Japan


East China 
Fiddi Angermeyer 
Yacht: WildAid’s Passion 

RSLength: 159ft
NEYear: 1973
OWLocation: Galápagos
RTEAnd then you’re heading to Vanuatu. How much time do you get to spend
OUWhy? A sailing boat called Blue Gold ran on board Passion? We used to be on 
N; C
OWaground there during a hurricane a few board one or two weeks a month, but now 
BRMembers’ years ago and I’m interested to see if it’s less. We like to spend our time on the 
FF there’s a chance of rescuing herboat training the crew to o er a better 
 JEHow did you hear about her? I heard service, as the yacht has a busy charter 
MY;about her a while back through a yacht season in the Galápagos. She’s actually 
ALALogbookbroker, but I discounted it as I didn’t think now been renamed WildAid’s Passion, 
RELit was feasible. But recently I found the after linking up with the conservation 
STlisting and it sparked something in my organization. Part of the charter income 
 RAheart. I couldn’t  nd any information on goes to help protect the marine 
RTAher, but eventually came across an article environment. The islands are obviously 
OBEfrom the Vanuatu Daily Post. I contacted exceptional wildlife reserves and are still 
 REvery month, you tell us where the journalist and learned all I could. I’m in fairly pristine condition, remarkably 
O &you are on the seven seas, still not entirely sure what state she’s in You’re heading down to the Millennium 
NCwhat you can see from your If you save her, how will you use her?Cup. What are you looking forward to? 
RAMy partner, Silvia, and I have been Mainly seeing the beautiful yachts racing. 
Y: Fdeck and your top trip tipsdreaming about a vessel to take around I’m a sailing boat person at heart and own 
APHthe world to help raise awareness of the the 216ft tall ship Mary Anne, which also 
GRoceans crisis. This could be the onecharters in the Galápagos