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Arrival Update from
Med Bound Rally Leader Milt Baker.
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Nearly three years to the day after 18 yachts, including three non-Nordhavns, crossed the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR), another group of Nordhavns is set to head out and duplicate the route taken by the NAR boats.

Dubbed Med Bound 2007, a total of nine Nordhavns will depart Fort Lauderdale on May 28 (weather permitting) bound for Bermuda. From there the group will split into two, with one continuing on to the Azores and finally Gibraltar. The other group will head for its final destination of Newport, Rhode Island.

While the number of participating vessels is significantly less than that of the NAR, the journey is nonetheless impressive. Most significantly, Med Bound is not being sponsored by Nordhavn’s manufacturer, Pacific Asian Enterprises (P.A.E), and will not have the luxury of a PAE-staffed “escort boat.” But a lot of work and planning has gone into ensuring Med Bound will be just as successful. Just as the NAR did, Med Bound has its own Operations Manual, will have site inspections performed by qualified technicians, a comprehensive seminar schedule for participants during kick-off week in Fort Lauderdale, various social events at all ports, and has secured discounted pricing for fuel.

“Crossing oceans in small yachts is serious business, but that doesn’t mean participants can’t have a great deal of fun in the process,” said Milt Baker, lead organizer of Med Bound and shoreside organizer for the NAR. “We’ll be doing something few people are able to do. For many, this will be the adventure of a lifetime.”

While P.A.E. will not be accompanying the group on its entire route, several staff members are playing key roles assisting with organizational details and even serving as crew from Bermuda to Newport. P.A.E.’s vice president, Jim Leishman, will be on hand in Fort Lauderdale to answer questions and bid the boats a bon voyage; Chief Designer Jeff Leishman, along with Nordhavn Southeast salesman Andy Hegley, will crew on N47 Imagine and Nordhavn Northeast salesman Dave Balfour will crew on Nordhavn 43 Summer Skis.

Visitors to this section dedicated to the Med Bound voyage can keep a close watch on what’s going on by tracking the boats’ progress, viewing photos and reading commentary from the participants.