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In line with the Around The World journey of 2001-02 and the 2004 Atlantic Rally comes another great Nordhavn adventure: the Voyage of Egret. What started out for Scott and Mary Flanders as a 16-month journey from Gibraltar to New Zealand by way of Cape Horn on their Nordhavn 46, has turned into a life journey with goal destinations and loose timelines.

The Flanders did succeed in their objectives of conquering the Horn, wintering in the canals of Chile and Argentina, visiting uninhabited islands in the South Pacific, and exploring New Zealand and South Africa. But, says Scott, these are just legs of one continuous trip. "We are constantly changing our minds about where we want to go next." Case in point, Egret was on a certain path from the Eastern Atlantic to Florida until the Flanders changed their minds and decided to head north to Europe. It was a drastic alteration to their cruising plan, and one that led to an un-scheduled circumnavigation.

Thankfully, through the Voyage of Egret website, readers are able to join the Flanders wherever and whenever they choose to go: reading near-daily log updates from on board, tracking Egret on its phenomenal course, and viewing story-telling photographs documenting each stop.

News of the four-and-a-half-year journey has been recorded in several boating magazines with stories being run in U.S., European and Asian titles each month. It is a fantastic read for boaters and adventure enthusiasts alike. Adds Scott: "I hope to encourage people to head offshore and enjoy some of the things that we - who do go offshore in our boat - get to see and do."

As the old saying goes, “With boating, plans are like the wind: always changing.” (Or something like that.) After just a couple of weeks in the Med, Scott and Mary returned to their original plan of coming back to the States. Following visits to the Canadian Maritimes, New England and continuing down the east coast of the U.S., the Flanders landed in their home state of Florida where they will stay put for at least the time being, with little mini-cruises to the Bahamas. From there… well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

July 9, 2015

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