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"Egret" N4674 - Scott and Mary Flanders

Ed. note: On February 10, 2011, Scott and Mary Flanders, on board their Nordhavn 46, Egret,arrived in the Canary Islands. In doing so, Egret became the eighth Nordhavn to circumnavigate the globe. It had been four years, five months since the couple departed Gran Canaria, intent on seeing as much of the earth as possible, although not necessarily with an end goal to circle the globe. Voyage of Egret do cuments the Flanders’ entire trip, an endless adventure that has put them intouch with the most fabulous places and interesting people. Much route planning and forecasting was required inorder to get to some of their ports of call. But the days of detailed planning areover…fornow.“Egret” is now back in Fort Lauderdale, the place the couple called home for so many years, and, ironically, the starting point of their world wide cruising escapade that began withthe Nordhavn Atlantic Rally in 2004. They currently travel hither and yon, sometimes by boat,sometimes not.Here, the latestupdate from the Flanders as they keep us continually apprised.

July 9, 2015

Position: Somewhere interesting of course.

Hello mis amigos, long time no write. We have been very, very busy the past few weeks. In between working we began a novelish VofE with lots of techno. However, I deleted the entire posting because I didn’t want to dilute what I’m going to say.

Egret has new owners. Keeping with our unblemished record of selling personal boats, the first people with the financial ability to buy the boat that saw the boat always did. Same here. There is a reason.

Egret’s name will remain; only the hailing port will change.

So what’s next? Coastal cruising, which morphed into long distance cruising is the third long-term venue for excitement and adventure Mary and I have enjoyed during our marriage. Of the three, long distance cruising is the first that offered total freedom to choose where and when we did what. A fourth chapter is opening. Over the coming years we will fine-tune that as well.

How about VofE? We began VofE in 2006 to give newbies information we didn’t have at the time we chose to totally change our lives, retire early, sell all our Stuff and sail away. This was a big decision, however it was the right one for us. But it wouldn’t be for everyone. So we wrote about what it takes, what is real and best of all, VofE is unembellished and accurate. There is a bit of inspiration, techno, a few snapshots and an occasional rant. I particularly enjoyed the rants.

We have been asked by a number of people to keep writing and sharing our adventures even though we wouldn’t be aboard. I gave it some thought to the point of naming a new blog, Egret Adventure. It would be fun. However, this would now mean we would be writing about the lives of Scott and Mary Flanders, the absolute antithesis of VofE. VofE was always about you, not us. So what we are going to do is drift into obscurity and keep living every day to the max but not writing about ourselves.

Dan Streech once said, “Voyage of Egret will be studied for years to come”. I hope so. If you haven’t, it’s worth your while. I imagine VofE will always be available somewhere on the www.nordhavn.com site. (Ed. note: The Voyage of Egret site will be located on the Inactive Owners Blogs section of the Blogs page.)

We encourage you to write your own cruising blog when it is Your Time. You represent the next generation of voyagers and it would be nice if you passed along what was passed to you.

We have a few people to thank. First are Dan, Jim, Jeff and the South Coast Marine crew in Taiwan who built Mary and me a boat that took us comfortably and safely around the world. While we are thanking the trio, we would like to thank them for the way they handled the end of our voyage.

Our crewmen over the years: Dean and Cecil, Master Angler Steve and our recent long term, high mileage buddy, Dick – aka Dickiedoo.

All the cruisers we met in about a zillion anchorages here and there. It’s the people who make the memories. Plus all the interesting people we met ashore.

All of you who put up with this drivel, some since the beginning.

And of course most of all, MS - My Sweetie, the most remarkable woman in the world. When the key turned and the Happy Little Lugger sprang to life, she became a rock. Through the worst of the worst she never complained. I am so lucky.

We’ll leave you with 3 things we treasure.

<em><em><em>Egret</em></em></em>The only picture we ever printed for ourselves during the years aboard Egret. This is a photo of the photograph that hung in our salon. Mary took this photo in Seno Pia, Chile, July 2007 during Egret’s winter cruise. Egret is sitting in ice. There are two glaciers reaching the Seno just in front; one at 10:00 and one closer at 11:00. There is a shiny trail in the ice left by the dink to shore where we are burning garbage on the beach. During the 7 weeks of that cruise we did not see another person or hear another’s voice but our own. It was wonderful.

<em><em><em>Egret</em></em></em>The second treasure is another photograph. This is of Mary and me standing on the foredeck sipping champagne after crossing into the Northern Hemisphere after more than 4 years south. We were in the Atlantic somewhere between Ascension Island and the Canary Islands to the north.

And last are words. The first part of the sentence was copied from a tee shirt in Newport, Rhode Island. The last three words are mine.


It’s been a great trip mis amigos. Enjoy yours.


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