Nordhavn 40 Around the World Voyage
Nordhavn 40 Around the World Voyage
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Voyage Highlights
Nordhavn and crew successfully complete seven-month circumnavigation. Hundreds gather to celebrate Nordhavn 40's return to Dana Point, Calif.

After more than 24,000 miles and 170 days at sea, the crew of Nordhavn returned to Dana Point, California, successfully completed the ultimate sea trial of a 40-foot production motor yacht. Escorted by the Dana Point Harbor Rescue boat and a fleet of Nordhavn motor yachts, Jim Leishman and his crew of Pacific Asian Enterprises (P.A.E.) staff and others landed at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 30. Several hundred well-wishers, including family, friends, Nordhavn owners and trip sponsors, were on hand to celebrate Nordhavn's return.

During their voyage, the crew battled a typhoon in Micronesia and storms in the Mediterranean. They crossed pirate-plagued waters of the South China Sea and the uncertain waters of the Red Sea. They transited two canals (Suez and Panama) and three oceans (Pacific, Indian and Atlantic). Despite these challenges, Nordhavn completed the voyage without a single, major failure.

The purpose of the voyage, conceived by the P.A.E. staff and supported by the suppliers and equipment manufacturers featured on the vessel, was to demonstrate the capability and reliability of this off-the-shelf production Nordhavn 40. Additionally, P.A.E. wanted to conduct the ultimate sea trail, evaluating the design of the vessel and its equipment in the most challenging conditions. The crew described the voyage as a success and will undertake an extensive de-brief of their trip to incorporate what they have learned into the entire Nordhavn line.

Around the World Voyage
November 3, 2001 - June 30, 2002
24,000 Nautical Miles Traveled

In the midst of worldly pressure to strike the American flag, battling typhoons, storms, pirates and uncertainty, the crew of Nordhavn 40 remained faithful to Old Glory and proudly flew her around the world."

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