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After the brief stop in Hawaii, it's on to the Majuro in the Marshall Islands. Made up of nearly a thousand flat coral islands, this Pacific paradise provides some of the most spectacular diving in the region. The islanders may not be singing Bali Hai as the Nordhavn 40 pulls into the populated lagoon at Majuro, but many of the pre-colonial traditions are still practiced today, especially in the outer islands. The traditional dug out canoes are still found plying the many turquoise lagoons that make up the Marshall Islands.The Nordhavn 40 will lay over in Majuro, home to nearly have of the Marshall's 60,000 people. Although Robert Louis Stevenson called the atoll the "Pearl of the Pacific", the Nordhavn crew will find a far less pristine environment, although perfectly suited for fueling, provisioning and changing crew.

Departing Majuro, the Nordhavn 40 will head towards Pohnpei, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia. Covering 274 square miles, Micronesia is a visual departure from the low-lying atolls of the Marshall Islands. Here the crew will find flowering hibiscus and lush vegetation, flowing down the steep hillsides, pouring into the sea, providing the more typical South Pacific image many of us have. Pohnpei is the largest island in Micronesia covering 129 square miles, with many smaller islands sprinkled around its coast. The laid back town of Kolonia hosts the islands airport and most of its hotels, making it a good spot for another crew change.

Still in the Federated States of Micronesia, Yap is the most traditional district in Micronesia, where the chief still has a lot of pull and native dress is not unusual. Although the U.S. dollar is used, stone money remains the currency for some exchanges on the islands. Yap consists of four islands, Yap, Tomil-Gagil, Map and Rumung. Yap is also accessible by air with connections through Guam and Palau.

The Nordhavn 40's arrival in the Philippine island of Cebu will coincide with the tail end of the tropical storm season, although there is a low incidence of tropical storms in this region. The Nordhavn crew will make port in Cebu, southeast of Manila, the same spot where Magellan marked the beginning of Christianity in the Philippines. Cebu will provide an easy port for refueling and provisioning. After leaving the Sulu Sea through the Balabac Strait, bound for Singapore, the route will run parallel with the North Coast of Borneo. The approximate distance is 870 nautical miles.

Singapore may be the only country or city in Southeast Asia with a section called China Town. This ironic tidbit gives a hint of how westernized this country has become, although it still retains some of its colonial charm. Over the years, Singapore has grown as land has been reclaimed from the sea, evolving from a country of bamboo shacks to one of the regions financials powerhouses and one of the busiest ports in the world. The Nordhavn 40 will dock at the Raffles Marina, a place quite familiar to the PAE crew who delivered on 62-01 from Hong Kong to Singapore for the Indonesian owner. The modern marina is full of amenities including a fully stocked marine store, travel lift, hotel, and a quaint pub, providing the perfect stop for the nearly seven-day layover. While berthed at Raffles, PAE will host a party for local yachtsmen, friends, and the press.

After enjoying some r and r in Singapore, the Nordhavn 40 will cruise up the Strait of Malacca calling on the island of Phuket in Thailand. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, located off the southwestern coast. Phuket has long been a popular stop over with cruisers and over the years has hosted a variety of sailing events and local rendezvous'. The exterior of the island is lined with good beaches, rocks, and limestone cliffs while the interior is full of rice paddies, plantations and a rain forest.

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