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The Nordhavn 40 Around The World Voyage Forum is the place to ask those kinds of oceangoing questions you have always wanted to know, but may never had the opportunity or courage to ask before. No question is too dumb, silly or unanswerable for our knowledgeable Nordhavn crew! Ask today!


Dec 18, 2002 Chris, Charleston, SC
Subject: Bridge Clearance
What is the actual clearance height of the Nordhavn 40...........more>>
Aug 25, 2002 Joseph, New York, NY
Subject: Navigation Lights
What brand of navigation lights is the ATW 40 equipped with........more>>
July 23, 2002 Jurgen Seebacher, Naples, FL
Subject: Measuring speed and current
How was vessel speed and current speed determined during.........more>>
July 16, 2002 Chuck Coiner, Hansen, ID
Subject: Naiad cooling water pump
Why not use an appropialely sized raw water pump on the........more>>
July 16, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Ballast
Your specs don't detail the ballast, but I assume it must be........more>>
June 24, 2002 Bob Brown, Perkins, OK
Subject: What's next
What's next? Which cruiser? What distance?........... ......more>>
June 21, 2002 Bob Knott, Harwichport, MA
Subject: Congratulations....Fuel Consumption & Costs
Can you tell me the total fuel usage for your journey, and how......more>>
June 17, 2002 Jerry Mitchell, Depoe Bay, OR
Subject: Customs
Is there a standard way to get in and out of customs or is each.....more>>
June 14, 2002 Charles Bell, Owings Mills, MD
Subject: Engine oil filtration
I work for Belgoes Filtration Systems and have been eagerly.......more>>
June 14, 2002 Allen Daniels, Tustin, CA
Subject: Fishing Licenses
I have been following the journey of ATW since the beginning.......more>>
June 12, 2002 Stuart Dickman, Venice, CA
Subject: Fuel Reserves
Fuel wise, it seems like you guys were cutting it a bit thin.......more>>
June 11, 2002 Dan Felzer, San Diego, CA
Subject: Panama Canal Costs
What does it cost to take a 40 foot boat through the Panama.......more>>
June 11, 2002 Robert Wilkins, Ocean City, NJ
Subject: Fuel Costs
In your last post from the ATW crew #4, they stated they paid......more>>
June 9, 2002 Jack Schaefer, Kalamazoo, MI
Subject: Lightning
I have noted that you have had frequent storms and that is to .......more>>
June 9, 2002 Bob Klein, Westminister, CO
Subject: Engine oil filtration
Have you considered using the "paper towel" oil filter systems.....more>>
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June 4, 2002 Eric Soller, Westminister, CO
Subject: Weather Information
A few times you mentioned that your N40 receives weather.......more>>
June 4, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Storms
Nordhavn boasts of its seaworthiness, but you sound worried......more>>
June 4, 2002 Nicolas Ryu, Santa Barbara, CA
Subject: Clothing
How does one plan their wardrobe for these very extended trips.....more>>
May 30, 2002 Steve, Deephavne, MN
Subject: Fuel Systems
Since fuel systems are the biggest source of problems in diesel....more>>
May 30, 2002 Herb Mosher, Orchard Park, NY
Subject: Water Tight Compartments
Crossing oceans is serious business. In an emergency, does.......more>>
May 29, 2002 Jim, Grosse Pte Farms, MI
Subject: Nordhavn Improvement
Now that the trip is winding down, after thousands of miles......more>>
May 29, 2002 Scott Flanders, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Subject: Naiad Cooling
I own a 46#74. To solve the Naiad cooling system problem, I......more>>
May 28, 2002 Cheryl Cranston, West Seneca, NY
Subject: Alarms
Can we assume the N40 has both heat and smoke alarms in......more>>
May 21, 2002 Dan Felzer, San Diego, CA
Subject: Maps
How come there have beeen no map updates in the Tracking......more>>
May 21, 2002 Rod Sumner, Niagara Fall, CAN
Subject: Night Lights
Dan, its been interesting to read your comments re. night vision....more>>
May 21, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Computers and Navigation
Thanks for your good and entertaining comments re. computers....more>>
May 17, 2002 Braun Jones, Annapolis, MD
Subject: Watch Schedule
What is the watch schedule Dan refers to his position report.......more>>
May 17, 2002 John Detuna, Washington, NJ
Subject: Fuel Quality
Not much has been said about the quality of the fuel you've.......more>>
May 16, 2002 Scott Strickland, Bonita Springs, FL
Subject: Why have a wing engine
I am interestedin why Nordhavns have a wing engine. In looking.....more>>
May 14, 2002 Tom Lawler, Ledyard, CT
Subject: Naiad problem
Your 5/10 post said you had a cooling problem with your active.....more>>
May 14, 2002 Mike Desmond, Rochester, NY
Subject: Mileage, etc.
You previously stated you are burning 48 gallons of fuel in 24.......more>>
May 13, 2002 John Macpherson, West Vancouver, CAN
Subject: Storm Plates
Jason Quaranto refers to "storm plates" in his May 8th enquiry...more>>
May 10, 2002 Rich Johnson, San Diego, CA
Subject: Communication
What system are you using for e-mail and do you have capability...more>>
May 10, 2002 Rod Sumner, Niagara Falls, CAN
Subject: Hull Design
Jeff, after almost 6 continuous weeks on the N40, are there any....more>>
May 8, 2002 Michael McGuire, Santa Monica, CA
Subject: Medical Problems
What medical supplies have you taken with you to handle minor....more>>
May 8, 2002 Bruce Murphy, Auckland, N.I. NZL
Subject: Surfing
Hows the surf been on the trip? Where was the best and most.....more>>
May 8, 2002 Cal Massey, Park City, UT
Subject: Logbooks and Watches
Could you described a watch, and the typical duties during the......more>>
May 8, 2002 Robert, Port Orchard, WA
Subject: On Board Commentary
I have noticed the further the voyage goes, the shorter the.......more>>
May 8, 2002 Ewald Jansen, North Vancouver, CAN
Subject: Design
The latest PassageMaker magazine contains a letter questioning...more>>
May 8, 2002 Jason Quaranto, Springfield, VA
Subject: Windows on Nordhavn 40
Have you found it necessary to install storm plates at any time.....more>>
May 6, 2002 Barry Michel, Benicia, CA
Subject: Equipment
What are the two anchor looking devices at each side of the aft.....more>>
April 30, 2002 Cheryl Cranston, West Seneca, NY
Subject: Engine Failure
If your main engine is kaput, do you have a "get home" backup.....more>>
April 30, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Wave heights from scale and watch
I derived a formula for wave height using only a bathroom scale......more>>
April 30, 2002 Steve Werner, Mission Viejo, CA
Subject: Budget
What is the total budget for the voyage? How much fuel has........more>>
April 30, 2002 Bob Austin, Pensacola, FL
Subject: 220 50 hz power
In a prior question, Jim Leishman commented that one of the.......more>>
April 25, 2002 Molly Mosher , Leesburg, VA
Subject: Lookouts
When on open seas and on autopilot, can you leave the bridge......more>>
April 25, 2002 Lori, Alexandria, VA
Subject: Rough seas
Where is the roughest sea in the world........ ........more>>
April 25, 2002 Scott Strickland, Bonita Springs, FL
Subject: Filling water tanks
How did you fill your water tanks at various locations...............more>>
April 22, 2002 Brian Leffler, Enosburg Falls, VT
Subject: Contact with warships
During your transit of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the.......more>>
April 22, 2002 Dave Asaibrnr, Singer Island, FL
Subject: Oil and other fluids
Does Nordhavn have tanks to store new and used oil and the oil.....more>>
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April 22, 2002 Mike Dunn, Monroe, LA
Subject: Apr 16, 17, 18 postion
I think these positions are wrong. They should be Apr 16 N34.18....more>>
April 22, 2002 Bob Brann, Menifee, CA
Subject: Malted Beverages
I have often read in the ATW commentary and progress reports.....more>>
April 19, 2002 Brian, Fairbanks, AK
Subject: Wing Engine uses
I was wondering about additional uses for the wing engine. Do.......more>>
April 18, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Wind and no waves
Justin writes of "wind all day at 20 knots. but no waves" Can........more>>
April 15, 2002 Patrick Lorrain, Paris, Yvelines
Subject: Greece
It was initially planned for you to go to the Olympic Marina in.......more>>
April 15, 2002 Lee Higbee, Anchorage, AK
Subject: E-mail
I understand that you have an iridium phone on board. Do you......more>>
April 15, 2002 Jeff Douthwaite, Seattle, WA
Subject: Bridal
You referred to the 'Bridal of the anchor' and I wonder, what is.....more>>
April 5, 2002 Frank Weismantel, Elverta, CA
Subject: Ionian Sea Passage
I've checked in on the ATW voyage every day since you started.....more>>
April 4, 2002 Andrew Fraser, San Jose, CA
Subject: Gear trouble and parts
Could you tell us about the gear that had to be repaired or.........more>>
April 4, 2002 Herb Mosher, Orchard Park, NY
Subject: Television
CNN telecasts in English virtually worldwide. Would it make.........more>>
April 4, 2002 Tony, Pleasanton, CA
Subject: SSB Nets
You mention using the SSB often, and checking into Nets can.......more>>
April 4, 2002 Mike Wise, Manhattan Beach, MN
Subject: Country of Registration
Did it create a potential problem to be running an American.........more>>
April 4, 2002 Barry Michel, Benicia, CA
Subject: Moving around the boat in bad weather
How difficult was it to move about the boat during the bad weather...more>>
April 2 , 2002 Scott Strickland, Bonita Springs, FL
Subject: Stern tie
How do you get on/off the boat with a stern tie? When I cruise......more>>
April 2 , 2002 Bruce Conn, Trabuco Canyon, CA
Subject: On board urinal
After all this time on board do you see any merit in installing a......more>>
March 28, 2002 Anonymous, Elverta, CA
Subject: Anti collision strobe
In Voyaging Under Power in the chapter on Mona Mona, Jims........more>>
March 28, 2002 Rod Sumner, Niagara Falls, CAN
Subject: Power supply part 3
Your described system of a hydraulically powered alternator off......more>>
March 27, 2002 Randy Jacobs, Ottawa, IL
Subject: Minimum Bridge Clearance
What is the minimum vertical height above the water line of the......more>>
March 26, 2002 Rod Sumner, Niagara Falls, CAN
Subject: Cruising generator follow up question
On the recent subject of cruising power was there a typo as the....more>>
March 26, 2002 Chris Knuth, Mequon, WI
Subject: Fuel Quality
When refueling in a foreign port, how do you check that the fuel....more>>
March 25, 2002 John Torelli, Riverside, CA
Subject: Coastal Cruising in comparison to ATW Voyage
What are the 3 most similiar and 3 most different aspects you......more>>
March 25, 2002 Dick Barnes, Anchorage, AK
Subject: Cruise Generator
You seem to be hooked on the air conditioner units, as an option....more>>
March 22, 2002 Hunter Heatly, Laguna Beach, CA
Subject: Bottom Growth
Is there a problem with growth accumulating around the keel.......more>>
March 15, 2002 James Theodore, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Knock Down
How well would the 40 survive a knockdown or even worse a.........more>>
March 12, 2002 Frank Weismantel, Sacramento, CA
Subject: Propane Consumption
How frequently do you fill the propane for the range. Did you......more>>
March 8, 2002 Mike Borton, West Seneca, NY
Subject: Engine Room
Your one photo and the drawings indicate about 4 ft. of headroom....more>>
March 6, 2002 Eric Soller, Westminster, CO
Subject: Electrical Standard
I know that the power voltage/amperage and the size/shape of........more>>
March 6, 2002 Paul Foerster, Alamo, CA
Subject: Tropical Diseases
Did you take any special precautions to prevent contact with..........more>>
March 1, 2002 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Gas Storage for Dingy Outboard
Where and in what containers do you store the gas for the............more>>
Feb 28, 2002 Rod Sumner, Niagra Falls, Ontario
Subject: Below Waterline Inspection
How often do you perform a below waterline inspection...................more>>
Feb 25, 2002 Steve Werner, Mission Viejo, CA
Subject: Future of ATW 40
Once the circumnavigation is complete, what will become...............more>>
Feb 25, 2002 Bob Danelz, Sacramento, CA
Subject: The Magic Equator Line
I see you were 1 degree North in Singapore. Are you guys .............more>>
Feb 25, 2002 Jeff Mclaren, Newport Beach, CA
Subject: Electronic Charting
You've said on numerous occasions how flawlessly your.............more>>
Feb 25, 2002 Damon Ried, Fremont, CA
Subject: Solid Waste
It does not seem practical/possible that two people could sail ........more>>
Feb 15, 2002 Mike Desmond, Rochester, NY
Subject: Oil
How often do you shut down the engine to check the oil level..........more>>
Feb 15, 2002 Lee Hyder, Copley, OH
Subject: Rough Seas
What were the roughest seas that you encountered and how long...more>>
Feb 15, 2002 Bob Danelz, Sacramento, CA
Subject: What goes overboard
In your forum you say, you have a holding tank for when you need...more>>
Feb 15, 2002 Robert Henne, Woodbridge, VA
Subject: Freezer Location/Video?
I noticed you have stated that your freezer is mounted where the....more>>
Feb 11, 2002 Michael Rimland, Homestead, FL
Subject: Biggest fish
I saw that you had caught some Dorado but was wondering what....more>>
Feb 11, 2002 Pat Richardson, Barrington, IL
Subject: Type of toilet
What type of toilet did you choose for the ATW Nordhavn.....more>>
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Feb 11, 2002 Tom, Agana, Guam
Subject: Paravanes and Naiads
What impact do the Paravanes and Naids have on vessel.....more>>
Feb 10, 2002 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Water maker
How many gallons per day does the water make and how many.....more>>
Feb 10, 2002 Harold Segraves, Camdenton, MO
Subject: Water
In your Feb 3 commentary you mentioned the fact that you.....more>>
Feb 10, 2002 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Dinghy
What make, type and size of dinghy do you have on board? What...more>>
Feb 7, 2002 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Paravanes
How effective are the flopper stoppers in the worst possible sea.....more>>
Feb 6, 2002 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
Subject: Sea water temps/performance of keel coolers
Are the sea water temps still around 80 degrees? How is this......more>>
Feb 6, 2002 Frank Weismantel, Sacramento, CA
Subject: Fuel Consumption Measurements
Did you equip the ATW ship with a FloScan System?......more>>
Feb 6, 2002 Chris Doran, Newcastle, NSW
Subject: Paravanes
I would like to know, firstly, with the paravanes, how much strain.....more>>
Feb 6, 2002 Gordon Miller, Hong Kong, HKG
Subject: Engine room inspections and TV surveillance
I know you do an hourly check but what exactly do you check......more>>
Feb 5, 2002 Bob Brann, Menifee, CA
Subject: Insurance requirements & coverage for the voyage
On the ATW voyage what are the insurance requirements and ......more>>
Jan 29, 2002 Cheryl Mosher, West Seneca, N.Y.
Subject: Lessons learned
Now that the N40 is half-way around the globe, what would you......more>>
Jan 29, 2002 Ewald Jansen, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Subject: Layout of the N40
Some of the posted photos show a permanent seat on the.......more>>
Jan 27, 2002 Jim Frantz, Excelsior, MI
Subject: Flotation Devices
I noticed in the pictures that someone was in a kayak. Where.....more>>
Jan 25, 2002 Patrick, Garland, TX
Subject: Follow-up to Steel vs. Fiberglass response
In response to your question, the article I read was on a Steel.....more>>
Jan 25, 2002 Salinas, CA
Subject: Engine Hours, overhaul?
I remember reading that a marine diesel engine should be......more>>
Jan 24, 2002 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Voyage timing
Is your choice of departure time optimal for all the areas you are.....more>>
Jan 24, 2002 Dan Felzer, San Diego, CA
Subject: Fuel filter
I have heard about baja fuel filters. What exactly is a baja fuel.....more>>
Jan 23, 2002 Fred Wallace, No. Tonawanda, NY
Subject: Other Nordhavns
Has the company ever taken a Nordhavn 62, 57, 50 or 46 on a.....more>>
Jan 23, 2002 Dan Gill, Rockport, TX
Subject: Communications
Exactly how do your communications work, especially e-mail.....more>>
Jan 23, 2002 Bruce Conn, Trabuco Canyon, CA
Subject: Extra freezer location
Any place else to put that second freezer? Do you get used to it.....more>>
Jan 22, 2002 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
Subject: Pirates
You are entering dangerous waters (Singapore). What precautions..more>>
Jan 22, 2002 Gerald German, Houston, TX
Subject: Air conditioning
Being from Texas where it is always hot, I am very curious as to...more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Mike Desmond, Rochester, NY
Subject: Air conditioning
Do you need to run the generator when you use the...more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Ronald Benson, Farmington Hills, MI
Subject: Anchor weight, waterline
You mentioned that the anchor was a 110 lb. Bruce...more>>
Jan 21, 2002 James Douglas , Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Air conditioning, Stabilization
What make of air conditioner did you install and how is it powered...more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Dave, Dublin, CA
Subject: Fuel
How do you know where fuel in the quantities needed will be....more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Bob Danelz, Scarramento, CA
Subject: Your Pirate Story
I just read your pirate story. What if that situation turned out....more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Patrick Willey, Garland, TX
Subject: Fiberglass vs. Steel
I recently read an articl comparing Fiberglass and Steel....more>>
Jan 21, 2002 Chuck Coiner, Hansen, ID
Subject: Air conditioning installation
What does the installation of the a.c. entail? Is the venting in....more>>
Jan 18, 2002 Scott, Bonita Springs, FL
Subject: ATW - Living with big seas
From previous comments, you have been having some big seas....more>>
Jan 17, 2002 Ed Derringe, Evansville, IN
Subject: Air conditioner
Do you need to run the generator to run the new air conditioning....more>>
Jan 17, 2002 Ken Harrap, Surrey, BC, CAN
Subject: Night Vision
In your report of 16 January you mentioned running into a fleet....more>>
Jan 16 , 2002 Molly Sasser's Class - Madison Exploratory School, Canon City, CO
Subject: 4th Graders Ask Questions
What do you have to do to get 'into' a country..... more>>
Jan 7, 2002 Joe McDonald, Appleton, WI
Subject: ATW Maintenance in Yap
I noticed that the crew plans to rebuild the bilge pump in Yap....more>>
Jan 5, 2002 James McFall, Auburn, WA
Subject: Hello to the ship!
How were the Naiad issues handled (actuator shaft, backing....more>>
Jan 3, 2002 Bern Koeing II, Highlands Ranch, CO
Subject: Oil Line Leak, Hose Failure
How many engine hours were there on the first hose prior to....more>>
Dec 30, 2001 Herb Mosher, Orchard Park, NY
Subject: Safety on deck
When is it necessary for a crewman to be on deck, are they....more>>
Dec 29, 2001 Krystalyn Leffler, Enosburg Falls, VT
Subject: How long
I am in third grade. My sister is in fourth. How long is your trip....more>>
Dec 29, 2001 Amanda Leffler, Enosburg Falls, VT
Subject: How are you all getting along
How do you deal with one another when you disagree or get....more>>
Dec 28, 2001 Nicolas Ryu, Santa Barbara, CA
Subject: Crewing
I was wondering hao a novice would go about getting on as crew....more>>
Dec 27, 2001 Rich Barnum, Yardley, PA
Subject: Fuel Quality
How can you be sure of the quality of the fuel you will be....more>>
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Dec 26, 2001 G. Wall, Guilford, CT
Subject: Engine RPM
There's been a lot written about the dire effects on Diesel engine....more>>
Dec 22, 2001 Jim, Grosse Point Farms, MI
Subject: Payment of Supplies
How do you handle the payment of supplies; fuel,etc in each....more>>
Dec 21, 2001 Robert Henne, Woodbridge, VA
Subject: Oil
What was the reason for not using synthetic oil and a by-pass....more>>
Dec 20, 2001 Bobb Brann, Menifee, CA
Subject: Rough Weather
The unexpected lay due to bad weather has me wondering....more>>
Dec 18, 2001 James Douglas, Friday Harbor, WA
Subject: Fuel Burn
At what speed could the 40 acheive 4000 nm or so?....more>>
Dec 17, 2001 Bob Austin, Pensacola, FL
Subject: Anchorage at Kosrae Island
Why only 150 feet in 33 feet water? This is scope....more>>
Dec 17, 2001 Chuck Coiner, Hansen, ID
Subject: Watermaker and water use
You mentioned not being able to use the watermaker and using....more>>
Dec 17, 2001 Roland High, Apex, NC
Subject: Dangers
Do you forsee any possible dangers from countries whose waters....more>>
Dec 17, 2001 Kevin Sanders, Whittier, AK
Subject: Rough Seas
What is the roughest sea state, in terms of wave height, duration....more>>
Dec 16, 2001 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
My National Geographic World Atlas [1963]Has It Spelled.....more>>
Dec 15, 2001 Larry Mason, Clarksville, MI
Subject: Food
For your long legs, how do you plan rations? Spoilage? Do you....more>>
Dec 14, 2001 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
Subject: Keel Coolers with sea water temps of 80 deg. +
Sea water temps can be high in the South Seas. How.....more>>
Dec 14, 2001 Scott Strickland, Naples, FL
Subject: Storm
How do you prevent the noise of items rattling around.....more>>
Dec 13, 2001 Mark Hood, Bremerton, WA
Subject: Stabilizers
I am very interested in the fact that you've chosen to have both.....more>>
Dec 12, 2001 Bob Brann, Menifee, CA
Subject: Steadying Sail
After reading some of the other questions and the responses.....more>>
Dec 12, 2001 John Torelli, Riverside, CA
Subject: 40 Around the World
The daily reports on weather, progress and performance are.....more>>
Dec 11, 2001 Juan DeOlivares, Oakland, CA
Subject: Sonar for detecting debris in water
I have heard that on rare occasions debris in the water such as.....more>>
Dec 11, 2001 Larry Rick, Vancouver, WA
Subject: Electrical Load and Fuel Burn
Considering the fact that you have two freezers, a refrigerator.....more>>
Dec 10, 2001 W.F. McCann, Roswell, GA
Subject: Fuel Consumption
I am closely following your adventures around the world.....more>>
Dec 10, 2001 Amanda Leffler, Enosburg Falls, VT
Subject: Storms
Have you ever been in a storm and what have you done.....more>>
Dec 10, 2001 Dick Barnes , Anchorage, AL
Subject: Storm Plates
Your photo gallery shows Eric removing storm plates.....more>>
Dec 8, 2001 Brian Owens, Everett, WA
Subject: Great Circle Route
Scott Ledbetter, on Dec. 5th, wrote.....more>>
Dec 7, 2001 Brian Leffler, Enosburg Falls, VT
Subject: Best way to get staRted powerboating
I grew up around my grandparents cabin cruisers and spent.....more>>
Dec 7, 2001 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
Subject: Charts (Paper) Plotting POS
Do you plot your position on paper chart per hour basis.....more>>
Dec 6, 2001 Tom Hall, San Francisco, CA
Subject: Desirability of occasional full throttle use
I've been told by several mechanics that it is desirable to open.....more>>
Dec 6, 2001 Bob Brann, Menifee, CA
Subject: N/A
What type of engine cooling is on the good ship Nordhavn?.....more>>
Dec 6, 2001 Glen Gabel, Salinas, CA
Subject: Gunkholing
Does your schedule give you time for gunkholing (exploring).....more>>
Dec 6, 2001 Brian McLenithan, Lansing, MI
Subject: Cooking
Do you have an inveter for your stove or do you use propane.....more>>
Dec 5, 2001 Brian Carey, Massapequa, NY
Subject: Sea sickness
How have you or will you deal with sickness if it should occur?.....more>>
Dec 5, 2001 Bob Agramonte, La Conner, WA
Subject: Truk
Your first plan included a stop at Truk. Why the change?.....more>>
Dec 4, 2001 Brian Smith, Newport Beach, CA
Subject: Spare prop and prop shaft
It sounds like the water line probably had to be raised a bunch.....more>>
Dec 4, 2001 Scott Strickland
Subject: Outfitting
I read you added a second refrigerator, and you have both.....more>>
Dec 4, 2001 Greg Comerford, Brisbane, Queensland, AUS
Subject: Meals
Do you stick to a time for meals? Or does the weather play a.....more>>
Dec 4, 2001 Gerald German, Houston, TX
Subject: Air conditioning, Generator use
How much have you used the air-conditioning and the generator.....more>>
Dec 4, 2001 Ewill, San Diego, CA
Subject: Fuel Mileage
What cruising speed gives you your best fuel mileage in terms.....more>>
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Dec 4, 2001 Scott Ledbetter, New Orleans, LA
Subject: Route Planning
The straight line distance between 2 points on a ball is not.....more>>
Dec 3 , 2001 Molly Sasser's Class - Madison Exploratory School, Canon City, CO
Subject: 4th Graders Ask Questions
Molly, thank you and your class for more really good questions..... more>>
Dec 3, 2001 Thomas Kelly, Lansing, MI
Subject: Generator
How often and how long are you running the generator.....more>>
Dec 3, 2001 Mark Hood , Bremerton, WA
Subject: Answer to Quiz
In reference to Ray Danet's quiz (On Board Commentary, Dec. 1)....more>>
Dec 3, 2001 M Blandina, Englewood, CO
Subject: The Day Begins!
In answer to Ray's question (posted on Dec 1st from onboard.....more>>
Dec 3, 2001 Dave Anderson, Prior Lake, MN
Subject: Where do you sleep
Where do you sleep in the boat? Is it to bouncy to sleep.....more>>
Dec 2, 2001 Capt Michael Middleton, USMC of Okinawa, Japan
Subject: Refueling Navigation
As a marine serving in Okinawa I simply wish to congratulate.....more>>
Dec 2, 2001 Jason Coe , New Orleans, LA
Subject: Sea Keeping
How does the N40 compare to the rest of the fleet in rough.....more>>
Dec 1, 2001 Charlie Roark, Ventura, CA
Subject: Displacement
You state that your N40 displaces about 25 tons. How did you.....more>>
Dec 1, 2001 Bob Agramonte of La Conner, WA
Subject: Vessel sightings, VHF, SSB, Commo, E-mail at sea
Have you sighted other vessels.....more>>
Dec 1, 2001 Mark Hood of Bremerton, WA
Subject: Controllable pitch prop
There was a lot of discussion on about a.....more>>
Dec 1, 2001 Chris Doran of New Castle, N.S.W., Australia
Subject: Engine
What is the actual horsepower of the engine being used.....more>>
Nov 30, 2001 Don Muirhead of Orem, UT
Subject: Other Traffic
What other sea traffic have you seen.....more>>
Nov 29, 2001 Dan Stewart
Subject: Paravane stabilizer (flopper stoppers) and water maker.
Are you using the downriggers on a daily basis.....more>>
Nov 29, 2001 Bill Barry
Subject: Main Engine shutdown, Paravane usage
When you are shutting down the main engine to check the fluids.....more>>
Nov 29, 2001 Glen Gable of Salinas, California
Subject: Engine Room / Rough Seas
Please describe how to go about checking the engine room...... more>>
Nov 27, 2001 Georgs Kolesnikov - Trawler World Online
Subject: On Board Interview with Jim Leishman
How do you check the oil with the engine running.... more>>
Nov 24, 2001 Molly Sasser's Class - Madison Exploratory School, Canon City, CO
Subject: 4th Graders Ask Questions
Thank you for letting us join your class. Let me introduce myself.... more>>


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