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Boat Specifications
There are few boats so uniquely qualified to take two people and their guests around the world as comfortably and as economically as the Nordhavn 40. Strong, rugged and handsome in a no-nonsense way, her special personality was inspired by salty commercial ships fishing the world's deepest oceans. She stirs a passionate interest and curiosity along docks and throughout anchorages everywhere, with people enthusiastically asking her crew "where have you been" and "where are you headed?" Indeed, the Nordhavn 40 looks like the serious passagemaker that she is. But above all her seriousness of purpose, there is a wonderfully romantic, emotional element to the boat that strongly attracts a wide base of seasoned sailors, experienced power boaters and those just entering the world of boating.

The result of over three years of development by Pacific Asian Enterprises, (P.A.E.), she represents the smallest of Nordhavn's fleet of ocean-crossing motor vessels. Yet her modest size does not limit her incredible, non-stop cruising range. Thanks to a highly efficient, full displacement hull design and a fuel capacity of over 900 gallons, a heavily loaded boat ready for ocean crossing will cover more than 2,400 nautical miles at 7 knots. For instance, the fully stabilized Nordhavn 40 used during P.A.E's Around The World Voyage (ATW) was tested in relatively calm conditions and yielded the following results:

Speed S/L GPH RPM Range
6 knots 1.01 1.6 1,300 3,450
7 knots 1.18 2.6 1,600 2,458
8 knots 1.34 4.0 1,900 1,840

Depending on weather, the actual performance can fluctuate for better or worse. On the run from California to Hawaii, the ATW boat pushed through contrary winds and currents which negatively impacted its output. However, when experiencing favorable seas in the Western Pacific, the boat made 7.4 knots at 2.6 GPH.

Previously published numbers were based on tests of an unstabilized, lightly loaded boat in favorable conditions.

More important than her range is her impressive seakeeping ability. This stout, tough ship is designed to punch through heavy head seas without hesitation and to track down swell as if on rails. Her high bow provides extraordinary buoyancy and contributes to her dry ride. Beneath the surface her forefoot of moderate depth eliminates pounding and helps provide a smooth, gentle motion. Her long keel with a large, protected rudder keeps her going exactly where she's pointed. When equipped with Nordhavn's highly dependable TPS (Towed Passive Stabilizers) or gyro-controlled fins, side roll caused by beam seas is minimized, greatly enhancing the comfort of her captain and crew.

Even if her owner's cruising plans do not include crossing oceans, the Nordhavn 40's remarkable capabilities will be greatly appreciated and utilized during long-range, coastal cruising. Her solid, seaworthy performance instills confidence in the captain and a sense of safety in the crew. Being caught in an afternoon squall on Lake Michigan or in a nasty Nor'easter while crossing the Gulf Stream, her crew will continue on, knowing their ship can take whatever the sea delivers.

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